Tina Wilson

In equal measures, Tina Wilson is part sociologist, part technologist, part BFF.  She's researched the impact of technology on dating and relationships to design and launch Wingman, now the world's fast-growing matchmaking app. Wingman enables anyone to  use technology to help their single friends meet other singles for dating and romance.  She believes technology is better harnessed in the context of friendship and collaboration than traditional online dating experiences, which, while effective for some, are not right for millions of others. 

"I love playing Cupid for my single friends and I've discovered that most other people love to do the same--the ability to help our friends find someone is a very deep-seated instinct for many, many people and I wanted to create a constructive outlet for that desire because, until Wingman, there was no broadly inclusive digital solution to give millions of us Cupids an outlet for our matchmaking talents.

The ability to create happiness for someone else should be one of our greatest joys in life.  Wingman is a way to make that easier for anyone who has a single friend who would like to meet new people."