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Matchmaking Makes a Comeback.  Tina Wilson lives at the intersection of technology, friendship, and romance.  She has studied how people use technology and how they wish they could harness it to...

Your incredible friends


Finding freedom from self-absorption is not easy in the digital age. We live in a world of technologies built to keep us riveted on ourselves--checking our newsfeeds, social media accounts...

It's not about you


The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of doing something good for someone else are well known. Whether you're creating happiness for a friend or offering much-needed help to a stranger who's...

The art of matchmaking is as old as friendship itself. Tina brought it into the digital age.


Wingman App

How Wingman Works: (User Video): A kinder, gentler, collaborative online community – No Stigma or Rejection.  Wingman enables users to create a profile for their single friend and tell the world why they are great. (The single friend is invited via text and can approve the profile that has been created for them).

The Wingman browses through various profiles to find someone suitable. When they find someone they like for their friend, they make the introduction. This is done simply like an elbow nudge in a bar scene - ‘hey do you like my friend?’ However on the app, it’s done by a simple swipe and tap.  The person asked can say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to this advance. If it’s a YES, all parties are notified, a match is made and the singles are connected via in app chat. If the possible match is not interested, you are never notified and spared the rejection. Wilson envisions the Wingman community as place where behavior will be tempered by the fact that every profile has been submitted to by a friend—a Wingman—which may make the behavior more collaborative.