Dr. Joseph Cilona

Dr. Joseph Cilona, psychologist, relationship expert, and matchmaker extraordinaire on the Lifetime series, Married at First Sight says: “Finding love in today’s world is becoming more and more enmeshed with technology. There are some amazing advantages to all the dating sites and apps, but there are also some very significant disadvantages, risk and detriments. By far the most striking downside is the inherent exposure of all users of these technologies to repeated and sometimes substantial rejection, or at least perceived rejection. Constant exposure to rejection can have a big impact on confidence, self-esteem, optimism, and the energy level it takes to commit to using these tools successfully (which require consistent use to be effective). I love that Wingman is dedicated to eradicating the experience of rejection in the often treacherous world of dating apps and sites, and that Wingman helps others to help people they care about have a better chance at finding love."



Bestselling Author Jon Birger

Bestselling Author of Date-onomics Jon Birger. “Dating is a numbers game—and an app that helps get numbers on your side can be a real asset. Wingman is exactly that. There is a multiplier effect associated with enlisting the help of friends and technology makes that effort scalable. Those who are serious about trying to meet other people online may want to enlist a friend to install Wingman because it can be a powerful complement to traditional dating apps. Wingman enables the people who know and love you to actively become part of your search for the right match. Because a good wingman can multiply your efforts, this can be a great asset, especially in big cities where women often substantially outnumber men.”