Tell the World About Your Incredible Friends

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Finding freedom from self-absorption is not easy in the digital age. We live in a world of technologies built to keep us riveted on ourselves--checking our newsfeeds, social media accounts, and online dating profiles for updates, comments, and generally, lots of validation for the notion that, 'It's all about ME.' 

ina Wilson has studied how technology impacts our behavior for better and for worse--especially when it comes to love and romance in our digital times.  She has developed an inclusive approach to using technology to collaborate with friends that is both fun and highly effective for dating.

Friends often have insight into what makes us happy that we don't see for ourselves. They see our weaknesses, strengths, and all the wonderful things that make us unique. Who better to help us find romance than a really good friend who has our best interests at heart? This is why a Wingman is always a welcome ally in a social situation.  Now, thanks to Tina's matchmaking app, Wingman, everyone can be a great Wingman for their friends in the digital world, too.