Assisted Romance Is Blossoming

I'm watching assisted romance bloom in America and couldn't be happier.  In the short time since we brought the Wingman beta to America, we've been thrilled--almost every day--to hear stories from people in the US, the UK, and around the world about what it means to be a wingman not just in love, but in life, too.  

People who saw news reports about our launch have written to tell us about how great it is to have a wingman who always has their back--or how much it means to them to be able to support their best mates in good times and bad. It's sometimes a best friend, sometimes even your Mom or Dad. Indeed on Mother's Day, we saw flood of emotion in the stories people shared about how their first and best wingman ever will always be Mom. And now we're getting stories about dads as Father's Day approaches.

And as we have known from the very start, a wingman isn't always a person.  Many of you have told us what we already know: That the wingman you lean on for backup is so often a pet.  This is of course obvious to anyone who's ever walked down the sidewalk with an adorable mutt, or managed to get through one of life's rough patches with strong, stoic support of the cat or dog they share their life with. 

All these amazing wingman stories you've shared with us have only made us want to hear more. 

So today we're inviting all of you to tell us about the Wingman in your life and nominate them to be part of our next ad campaign. We want to get at the essence of being a selfless friend.  Tell us about your BFF, your little brother, your tough little bulldog-lab mix who walks beside you in life. And if you're a Master Wingman yourself, tell us  your secrets.  

Keep the great stories coming. 

til next time

Wingman OUT